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1 min readDec 29, 2021

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Ashok is super excited about attending his first Comic-Con and already bought tickets. But the day of the event, he is called upon to make an emergency trip for work.

Savita wouldn’t dream of attending such a fanatical gathering by herself, but Ashok doesn’t want both tickets to go to waste and insists she go without him. Besides, she already has her costume picked out! Watch Savita Bhabhi mingle with the cos-players as one herself in this exciting Savita Bhabhi Comics episode 133.

And guess which superhero comes to her rescue when Savita’s villain tries to push her around!

Late one night alone at her restaurant after closing time, Savita accidentally starts a kitchen fire while cooking something for Ashok to bring home to him. Luckily, the brave-and very horny-men of the local fire department show up

download Savita Bhabhi Episode 133 pdf for free

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